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Independence Day in Fairhaven!

Fairhaven, MA – Saturday, 7/3 and Sunday 7/4

Denise went for a nice run on Saturday morning, getting back just before the rain started again.  It was rainy all day and as a result the city cancelled the planned fireworks over the harbor, rescheduling them to Monday, July 5th.  Also the ARSBC made the decision to postpone their “Illuminations” event; this is where all the boats decorate for the Independence Day celebrations and give out awards.  We heard they were quite spectacular, but unfortunately, we were now going to miss it all.  With the notice of these cancellations, many of the boaters left on Friday night and we found it very quiet around the club on Saturday. 

We hunkered down on the boat and got caught up emails, paperwork, and calls to family and friends.  We even got some reading done and streamed a movie. Even the Canada geese disappeared and were nowhere to be found. Our only real excitement was watching Brian tow a new-to-him boat owner off the shoals at Crow Island….he obviously didn’t know that channel ran to his left near the fishing boats (and to keep the green buoys on his right). He is now a BoatUS gold member.

TowBoatUS to the rescue

On Sunday morning, we once again walked to St Joseph’s Catholic Church for mass. On the way back to the boat we were treated to some type of a short “old car” rally and parade to celebrate Independence Day.

With now clearer weather, after lunch we took the dinghy for a spin to see how the engine would work.  At first we had a few issues, but eventually Mark got it all worked out and we went on an adventure. 

First we checked out the boats at the Seaport Inn and Marina, located next door. We learned earlier in the day that Denise’s brother-in-law (JRII) has a cousin who keeps his boat there.  We found the boat (“Man Town by the Sea”) but alas, his cousin was not around. We then went over to the docks near Blue Harvest and checked out their fishing boats, including a few that were from Seaford, VA (where Denise’s brother lives).   We also cruised around Crow Island and got a close-up view of the statues and other buildings on this private island.

In the evening, despite the cooler weather, the great people on D-dock were gathering and invited us to join them.  We had a wonderful time socializing with all of them.  Anthony (“Wilco”) and his wife had decorated their boat and were anxious to talk with us about doing the Loop; they definitely want to do it.  They are also planning on coming down to FL this winter, and then jumping off to the Bahamas.  We can’t wait to see them again in our great state so we can return the hospitality.

“Wilco” all decorated

With all the bad weather now gone, we got treated to an awesome sunset and beautiful cloud formations to the east.

When it finally got too cold for us, we headed back to the boat and were discovered many of the neighboring communities were having their fireworks tonight, and we were treated to a 360 view of them all.  It was a great way to end our time in Fairhaven.