Sanctuary in Seal Bay!

South Portland to Seal Bay – Vinalhaven

Friday (8/13) – Seal Bay – Vinalhaven, Maine

The day started with one final run in South Portland for Denise. She took the path through Bug Light Park, and again along the South Portland pathway, but today she ventured back into the Ferry Village and the eastern shore of Portland Harbor. Here she ran past the USCG Sector Northern New England, and also discovered an old church-turned musical theater.

Once back on the boat, we made plans for departure, pulled out of our slip and went to the fuel dock for a fill-up and a pump out before leaving Portland.  It was a clear and beautiful day with a slight breeze that had Denise a little concerned with the waves we might face.

We pulled out of Spring Point Marina, leaving Fort Gorges in our wake and the Spring Point Light to our right.  We also got to see Fort Preble from the water.

We cruised the channel between Jewel Island and Cushing Island, with its high cliffs that blocked the waves and wind. As soon as we came out of the protection of Cushing Island and entered the open Casco Bay, we faced rolling swells of 2′ -3’ on our side beam. This was most uncomfortable and Denise was worried about getting seasick.  Fortunately, our course had us turn in a more northerly direction as we headed towards Cape Small, and by the time we passed Sequin Island things were far more comfortable.

Sequin Island & Lighthouse

Once again we passed by the Cuckholds lighthouse, and Squirrel Island near Boothbay Harbor, only this time we could see them clearly as there was no fog.

We rounded Pemaquid Point and entered Muscongus Bay once again, cruising past Eastern Egg Rock where there was a tour boat showing passengers the puffins (if they are still there this late in the year).

Tour boat at Eastern Egg Rock Island

It was nice that it was clear and we had no fog for this 3rd pass of this area on this year’s adventure.  We even got to see the Whitehead Lighthouse and the beautiful coast of Whitehead Island.

Whitehead Island Lighthouse

Just after noon we entered into West Penobscot Bay and soon thereafter passed by the Fiddlers Ledge day beacon and into the Fox Islands Thoroughfare (FIT).  Again, for the first time on this trip we had no fog and got to clearly see the Fox Ears islands (with its US flag flying high) and cruised through North Haven Harbor.

This time however, we continued east through the FIT passing the farms on the north shore of North Haven Island, before turning right just before the Goose Rocks Light, and passing Widow Island to our left.

We continued southeast around the Calderwood Neck on Vinalhaven Island, and turned into the channel for Seal Bay.  From here there are numerous rocks and ledges and (naturally) lobster pots to navigate around.  But taking it slowly we were able to dodge them all and find a nice place to anchor in about 15 feet of water (at low tide).  It was 1:30 pm when we ended our voyage and felt comfortable with the anchor’s set.

This bay is quite large with lots of different places to anchor, and when we arrived there was already a good number of boats here, including 2 yachts, a 3-sailboat raft up, and another Back Cove right near us.

Anchorage at Seal Bay

We spent the rest of the day taking in the scenery, watching people take their dogs to the rocky islands in order to do their “business”, and watch the boats coming into or leaving the anchorage. 

We hung out on the boat, reading books and attempting to do some email. Our cell signal was very poor and no Wi-Fi exists in this area, so we were forced to just enjoy the entertainment that nature provided. Oh pooh!  We didn’t even launch the dinghy as we were so content to just take it all in and relax.  That evening we got treated to a great sunset and beauty of it on the surrounding rocks.

Over the last week or so, Mark had been working the leaking window issue with both the manufacturer of the windows (Bomon) and Back Cove’s Customer Service team.  Over the last year or so we have tried everything that the manufacturer suggested to fix the leaks and now it has only gotten worse.  Because we are going to be in Rockland, Back Cove is going to send an engineer out to meet us while we are there, to see if we can get this issue fixed. So now we will have 2 appointments with Back Cove in the coming days.

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