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Rondout Respite!

Kingston, NY (Thursday, 6/6):
Today was a day that most people would call boring; we called it peaceful and productive.  We literally spent the whole day doing work, cataloging pictures, publishing the last blog and doing research on Lake Champlain and all points north.  Yesterday we received information that the first 5 locks on the Champlain canal were now open, and today we got notice that others have also opened.  Hopefully all the debris will wash out over the next week or so and we won’t have to play “dodge” with branches, limbs and even whole trees that wash out with the current.

Most of our Looper friends are now ahead of us by a day or two, but many are staying at Shady Harbor Marina for the weekend and we will see them when we get there tomorrow (Friday).  Others like San & Lisa (“Panacea”) have moved further north and are preparing for the left turn at Waterford and on to the Erie Canal.

We will be staying at Shady Harbor for a while as Mark has to travel next week to see a client and Denise will stay with the boat. There is a list of boat chores that requires attention, a cruising guide to plow through, and some much needed downtime.  Of course there will be socializing with the Loopers who stop by all week long.

Rondout Yacht Basin is a very family-oriented place with play areas for kids, a small RV park, and a bar for the adults; however, it is only open on the weekends.  It is near a small neighborhood with old homes and mobile home development up the hill.  It is showing its age and needs some work that hopefully the new owners (since we were here last) are going to do.  Here are some pictures from the area:

There are still many boats “on the hard” here and have not been put in the water for the season; one we spotted was this Back Cove 37.

"Rocinante" at RYB

“Rocinante” at RYB

Stay tuned for more of our adventures on Island Office.