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Uneventful but Eventful Week!

Shady Harbor Marina (SHM) – New Baltimore, NY (Tuesday, 6/11 – Friday 6/14):
There was little adventure this week, but most of it dealt with Mark’s traveling to and from the client site.  He did finally manage to make it to Palm Springs, CA on Monday afternoon after multiple schedule changes and a cancelled flight.  He survived all that, and the 114° heat before having to travel again on Wednesday; this time to Chicago without incident.  Finally on Friday he wrapped up work there and got back to the boat and Shady Harbor after midnight.

Meanwhile, Denise had a productive and quiet week. There was another run in the hills of New Baltimore, phone calls with clients and software reps, a backlog of emails to address, and many boat chores to handle.  She spent almost one entire day waxing and polishing the inside of the boat and another entire day reading trade and newspaper articles that have been onboard since leaving on the trip.  Throw in time to prep food for a few lunches and dinners, a few loads of laundry, phone calls with family members and friends, and the week flew by.

All awhile there were intermittent conversations with many of the Loopers, other cruisers in the marina, and the locals.  On Tuesday most of the remaining Loopers left, including Sue & Greg (“Lucky Me”) and with it all the evening “docktails”.  By Wednesday, a few new Loopers came in, but the marina was mostly quiet. The yard-staff were putting boats in the water and working on maintenance for others. Some Looper boats were left here while the owners left including Dorothy & Terry (“Magic”), and Brian (“Kitumba”).  Still remaining waiting on the return of his wife Terry was Richard (“Avalon”) and Herb (“Phantom”) who was going to head back down the Hudson later this week and on to Maine where we hope to catch up to him in the fall.  By Thursday new Loopers had come into the marina, but none in the quantity of last weekend.  Denise got to meet Scott & Donna (“Aleka”) who were from Portsmouth, NH and Gregg & Sonia (“Golden Daze”), live-a-boards on a Fleming.

And of course throughout this week, the temperature changed each day and throughout the day. It is hard to believe that on Wednesday it was 48° in the morning and by Friday night it was nearly 70° at 8:00 pm. From long pants to shorts in 24 hours and from rain to sunshine all in one day.  But at least it wasn’t the 114° of Palm Springs or the 90° as in Central Florida.


Other excitement this week included watching the boats that cruise past the marina on their way up and down the Hudson River.  These are not small boats. There are either tugs pushing barges or large freighters hauling all kinds of raw materials and metals.  They are either on their way to or from Albany, which in addition to being the state capital, is a large industrial city as we will see when we pass by there on Sunday.

Also this week we got notified that the Surf Rider Restaurant in Poquoson, VA where we stayed in May, had a fire and was a total loss. Once we heard this news we made contact with our friends Jeff & Gail (“YOLO”) who were docked next to us when we were there.  They were on the boat at the time, and told us only two boats in the marina were impacted, one was the buy boat “Linda Carroll”. They watched the whole thing from the bow of their boat and sent us this: Fortunately, no one was hurt, the boats salvageable, and the restaurant will rebuild.

Fire at Surf Rider in Poquoson

Shady Harbor Marina (SHM) – New Baltimore, NY (Saturday 6/15):
On Saturday we did some laundry, Mark changed out the zincs on the boat engine and adjusted the tv hanger that had been slipping down preventing us to stow it – required for when we are underway. We also inflated two of the large fender balls for use in the locks we will go through tomorrow.

In the afternoon we used the marina loaner car and went to the 4:30 mass at St. Patrick’s. Father Scott remembered us as the “boating people” and thanked us for returning. He also invited us to watch his YouTube videos, but not before giving us a wonderful blessing for safe travels.

Once back at the marina we went to the Boathouse restaurant for dinner, and ate at the bar.  The bartender Samantha (aka “Sammy”) remembered us and even remembered and immediately brought Denise a Michelob Ultra without even asking; Mark later ordered a beer too. We each had salads with fish (Salmon for Mark, Tuna for Denise) and a wonderful time talking with Sammy. When we left, we received hugs from Cathy (owner Brian’s wife) and some of the staff whom over the last week and half we have come to know as friends.

Dinner at the Boathouse

Dinner at the Boathouse

We then walked out to the dock to find Brian on his boat (“Corporate Approved”) and talking with his local friends.  We got some suggestions on where to go on Lake Champlain and talked about boating.  Finally we left with a warm goodbye and a great big bear hug from him.  Hopefully, our paths will cross sometime next fall when he moves his boat to warmer waters for the winter.

Saying goodbye to Brian

Saying goodbye to Brian

We returned to the boat to put out this blog and to again watch the movie “A Star is Born”. Tomorrow we will leave Shady Harbor and make our way north and into the Champlain Canal.

We will miss this wonderful place we have called “home” for the last 9 days.

Friday Evening at SHM

Friday Evening at SHM

Stay tuned for more of our adventures on Island Office.